SYSCO / BRANCH program Intro

SYSCO – CCFCC Branch Funding

In 2013, the Canadian Culinary Federation entered into a contractual partnership with SYSCO. The Federation now manages the funding and/or access to cash resources from SYSCO with the objective of distributing controlled levels of cash to CCF Branches. Access to funding comes with some administrative responsibility and each Branch making application should pay particular attention to the processes required by the CCF and SYSCO.

CCFCC branch membership for SYSCO

Partnership funding provides Branch Associate Membership for SYSCO representatives (names of reps to be provided) to a maximum annual cost of $500.00

Events and program funding eligibility criteria

The CCFCC does not manage CCFCC branches events. The CCFCC only manages the funding of CCFCC branch events that qualify for the SYSCO/CCFCC branches events and programs.

SYSCO sponsorship fund will only consider funding events that:

  • Have broad-based support
  • Address a community, culinary and hospitality need
  • Provide economic and social impact to the community
  • Have a record of achievement, or potential for success, in line with CCFCC and SYSCO overall goals
  • Include planned, measured outcomes, supported by a sound evaluation process
  • Offer an opportunity for SYSCO employees to participate, volunteer and attend
  • Provide marketing opportunities, including customer programs and community engagement such as trade shows, cooking competition.

Events focused on Branch membership (such as The President’s Ball) or branch meeting initiatives will not be considered.

How to apply for funding

Any CCFCC branch can apply for funding for one or more events that meet the funding eligibility criteria up to a maximum of $3000 per year.

Submitted applications will be reviewed quarterly:

1st quarter, applications deadline of December 1st of the previous year

2nd quarter, application deadline of February 1st

3rd quarter, applications deadline of June 1st

4th quarter, applications deadline of September 1st

CCFCC Marketing Committee will review all applications on their own merits and reserve the right to approve all or part of the funding requested. Once approved the CCFCC branch applying for funding will receive confirmation via email and will receive 50% of approved event funding four week prior to the event.

To apply please click on the following link SYSCO Funding Application

To qualify for the additional 50% funding

The above following documentation must be provided no later than 1 month after the event or the remainder of the funds will be considered null and void :

  • Date and location of the event
  • Report describing the event
  • Who attended, number of attendees and other partners that were present
  • Documentation showcasing how the SYSCO funds were utilized including pictures, newspaper articles, etc…

Any branch of the CCFCC cannot, at any time, solicit monetary funding from any SYSCO OPCO across Canada. CCFCC branches can, at their discretion, approach their local SYSCO OPCO branch for in-kind food donations for any event they are hosting.

LINK to Application Form