National Executive

pres2011Chairman of the Board –   Donald A. Gyurkovits  Donald Gyurkovits is the Head of Business at International Herbs Ltd. Among his many activities, recipient of the 2007 Award of Distinction from the BCCA and 2010 Leadership Award from the Canadian Association of Food Service, Chef Donald believes the chef profession is still the best in the world.  You may contact Chef Donald at:
ctcmanager2011National President – Simon Smotkowicz
You may contact Chef Smotkowitz at:
JWS-BodySecretary – Judson Simpson, CMC
You may contact Judson Simpson at:
Treasurer – Christopher C. Moreland
Christopher Moreland currently lives in Burlington, Ontario and works as Director of Sales & Corporate Chain Account Chef with Chesher Equipment Limited. Chris has previously worked as a Regional Sales Manager with Rational Canada and as a Chef with Delta Hotels, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and the Wolfgang Puck Food Company.  Christopher has also sat on the Canadian Beef Advisory Board and the Adapt Council of PEI.  He was one of the founding members of the CCFCC Oakville Branch and has served on its Executive for the past 5 years.
You may contact Chef Moreland at:
RFischbacherCCI Chair  – Rudi Fischbacher, MBA. CCC
Chef Rudi Fischbacher is the Associate Dean in the School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism.  Rudi, a former CCI Chair, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, credentials to this role.
You may contact Chef Fischbacher at:

VP Eastern Region – Peter Dewar 

You may contact Chef Peter Dewar at:
 Franklin-DavidVP Central Region – David Franklin
Sysco Canada’s Inaugural Chef of the Year for 2014!  A Certified Chef de Cuisine, accomplished Toastmaster, Scout Leader, Culinary Competition Judge, and aspiring sommelier – David Franklin’s primary role is Corporate Chef for Sysco South-western Ontario newly opened in Woodstock. A founding board member of CCF Oakville, now looking forward to serving Central Canada.
You may contact Franklin David at:

McCarthyAVP Western Region – Anthony McCarthy, CCC
Anthony has become heavily involved with the CCFCC since arriving in Saskatoon 2007. He believes that leading by example has helped him grow the local branch, supported by many great people in his community and across the country. He is particularly passionate about mentorship and growth both with education and competition.  You may contact Chef McCarthy at:

Independent Board Member:  Walter Jazvac, LL.B.

Has practiced law for thirty-five years, primarily in the Hamilton, Ontario region as a sole private practitioner.  His primary work has been in criminal defense, civil litigation and family law. Other elements of his practice include real estate, corporate and business law.  Avidly involved in “My Invitation”, an informal group of amateur and professional Vinters, with special interest in the culinary perspective.

You can contact Walter at:

wannamakerbIndependent Board Member:  Bruce Wannamaker, CFA. CIM

Bruce Wannamaker has extensive experience in managing assets for high net worth families, foundations, charitable organizations and estate and trusts. He works comprehensively with his clients to develop wealth management solutions to help them establish, accumulate, preserve and transition their wealth. Prior to joining RBC Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel, Bruce was a senior portfolio manager with a major Canadian Bank.

You may contact Bruce

Junior Board Rep, Eastern Region – Dana O’
Junior Board Rep, Central Region – Jonathan Rocha:
Junior Board Rep, Western Region – Andrea Robichaud:


Executive Director – Roy Butterworth, CCC. MCG.


Chef Roy is a retired teaching master in Culinary Arts and has represented Canada many times in competition in London, Germany and Canada. The professional interests of Chef Roy are computer technology, restaurants and accounting services in Moncton, NB. Since 1994, when he became Treasurer of the CCF, Roy has now become the longest serving Board member and council of the CCF.

You may contact Chef Roy at:


















































National Committee Chairs/Managers

Committee Member Christopher Moreland
Committee Member Irwin Mackinnon
Committee Member Peter Dewar
Committee Member Ryan Marquis
Culinary Chair PETER DEWAR
Elections Chair BUSCH DUBAY
Committee Member Shonah Chalmers, Central
Committee Member Irwin McKinnon, East
Committee Member Jeremy Luypen, West
Honour Society Chair To be nominated
Junior Membership Chairs TINA TANG, co-chair
Junior Exchange To be nominated
Manager, Culinary Team Canada To be announced
Manager, National Youth Team JOERG SOLTERMANN
Manager, Bocuse d’Or Canada CARMELO VADACCHINO
Marketing Chair RYAN MARQUIS
Committee Member Irwin McKinnon, East
Committee Member Claude Leblanc, Central
Committee Member Rod Butters, West
Media Chair To be nominated
Membership/Best Practices JEREMY LUYPEN, co-chair
 Committee Member Rodd Butters, Western
 Worldchefs Liaison  SHONAH CHALMERS, CCC