Forms & Docs

Documents and services provided on this page are specific to Membership and Branch administrative assistance. They may not be altered when applying their use to CCF programs and Branch reporting. We do however, welcome any and all suggestions in making content and procedural outcomes more efficient.

Any and all special requests may be presented to the National Administrator. Note that all documents presented require Adobe PDF Reader Ver. 9 or better to be able view or print. Some are formatted with auto-fill data fields and print.

Business Cards – Latest Style


Higher quality hi gloss cards with QR barcode – ideal for clients to auto scan into phone contact lists. As a CCF member you are entitled to use official business cards carrying the CCF and WACS insignias. Only current paid membership will be accepted for use. The form is easy to complete; delivery normally within 10 business days and we accept VISA and MasterCard. Read the instructions carefully regarding transmission or your order.

Branch Proxy

Guidelines for Honour Society Nominations

The following guidelines are to aid Branch Executives in their quest to nominate inductees from their respective regions to the Honour Society.  Please respect the content as these have been applied to Standing Rules.

 Culinary Competitions

The following documents are designed to assist Branches in their quest to facilitate Regional and National culinary events. In order for the competition to be a recognized CCF event (award recipients qualify for Team Canada applications), specified competition WACS protocols have to be followed. Please note that these PDF’s are large and contain internal menu links to other embedding forms.

WACS – Become a Certified Judge

Involve yourself in the process of becoming a WACS Certified Judge – the process is detailed in the application form.

WACS Certified Competition – Event Application

Branches wishing to present a WACS endorsed and certified competition must present this application to the required authority.

Expense Claims

This version is the virtual on-line form of above that allows you to submit expenses and attaching scanned images of your receipts. Please read the directions carefully.

Insurance Policy

This is the meat and potatoes of the insurance that each Branch is entitled to. Your Branch meetings are all covered for 3rd party liability such as guest accidents, food poisoning and Branch executive liabilities, etc. Please read to understand the limitations of coverage.

Expense Claims (Culinary Team Canada Only)

This version is the virtual on-line form that allows you to submit expenses and attaching scanned images of your receipts. Please read the directions carefully.

SAPUTO Junior Culinary Challenge Guidelines 2018

Commandité par SAPUTO et la FCC

SYSCO Great Canadian Cook-off 2018

Commandité par SYSCO et la FCC

Junior Scholarship Application

Application for annual regional scholarship – presented by the Canadian Culinary Institute. One Junior Member applicant from each region.

Life Member Application

Nomination form for a CCF member to become a Life Member. Guidelines included.

Membership Application

This application is also available under the Membership Menu. Please read the rules carefully and submit to your home Branch. Out of country and Members at Large – note HST/GST requirements for residents of Canada only. This form has auto-fill data fields.

Membership Transfer

The process of completing forms to transfer members from Branch to Branch ceased effective 2005. A Branch or Member may contact the National Administrator to request a member account status  and immediate transfer.

National Bylaws Book
Standing Rules Book
Procedures & Policies Book

Always the document(s) referred to when you just have to get the process right the first time.

Notice of Motion

Used for the presentation of a motion to change a rule or bylaw at a national convention. Please note that there are rules associated with the timing and presentation of this document, said rules being outlines in the National Bylaws document further down this page.

Submission of National Dues or Residuals

All payments of dues; paraphernalia and advertising residuals are to be processed through the office of the National Administrator. All cheques and money orders payable to: The Canadian Culinary Federation or CCFCC and mailed to the following address:


CCF National Administrator
30 Hamilton Court
Tel: 506-387-4882
Fax: 506-387-4884