Duties of the Honour Society Chair


Dear Honour Society Membe 

I hope you are well in these first few weeks of 2017!
We are well under way to have what we were looking for  – a proud body of CCFCC members who have worked hard to get the Association where it is today. However we cannot sit back and dwell on the glory of the past. On the contrary, our association needs more hard working members in order for us to grow and stay involved and do all that we can for the betterment of the Federation.

At this time, our society members have the opportunity to elect their next chairperson.
I would like to request that you review the attached job description and consider if you or any other member would wish to stand for this position. If so, please complete the form shown on the reverse of this letter and send to the CCFCC Administrator, Chef Roy Butterworth by March 25, 2017. We will then compile a list of contenders and send out a mail ballot to all members
I would be glad to assist the newly elected Chairman in any way that I can, in order to continue what we have started six years ago.
We have also posted the terms of reference for the position of chair on the CCFCC website under the heading Honour Society. 

Bruno G. Marti CCC
H 604-946-5303



The Honour Society is a standing committee of the CCFCC created to honour those members who were significant in the growth and creation of the CCFCC..
Honorary members are elected by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Honour society Board of Directors.
The Chair will be elected by the Honour Society Membership. A ballot will be sent out to the membership asking for their vote. The vote must be returned by email, fax, or mail to the CCFCC Administrator for counting.
The Chair will be elected every three (3 )years. The Chair may hold this position for a maximum of two (2) terms or six (6) years.
The Chair will appoint the remaining three (3) regional committee members – Vice Chair, Secretary, Regional Member.

The Chair must:

  1. Send out application forms to Regional VPs for distribution to branch presidents in early January
  2. Review all applications with committee members and elect new members.
  3. Notify New Members of their selection. Invite them and their significant other to attend dinner free of charge. Request name of their significant other and chef jacket size.
  4. Communicate with the annual conference chair to search for a venue to celebrate  the Annual induction Dinner, negotiate a special rate for the HS attendees at the conference, to motivate the members to attend the conference.
  5. Ideally find a venue where it is possible to bring in own wines, donated food products. Also check to see if some local chefs are willing and permitted to help the venue chef.
  6. Decide on menu and number of courses to be served. (based on number of new inductees )Determine fee to be charged for members and guests to attend the dinner and invite all HS members to attend induction dinner communicating details of venue, date, cost. Request RSVP.
  7. Create printed menu.
  8. Produce new inductess certificates. After printing of certificates have them signed by the Chair on the left and the President of the CCFCC on the right , send them to Roy Butterworth for framing at least 3 weeks in advance.
  9. Order jackets from Chefs Hat.
  10. Create a local committee of possibly two H/s members ,to help you with all the work ,delegate the different jobs to that committee . (ordering of flowers etc)
  11. Request the President of the CCFCC to let you know how many guests ( names, rank and spouse)will be invited.
  12. Arrange table seating and transportation if required.