Culinary Exchange

Saputo-Foodservice_Color_Logo_FINAL-300x116 Culinary Exchange Program… Perhaps, one of the most sought after and exciting program within the series of Junior Initiatives Programs. Picture yourself, a young culinarian, eager to make your mark in the world of food preparation and production.  You’re suddenly whisked away (pun intended) for a two week, all expense paid romp in Canada.  While your at it, let’s visit some fine restaurants, do mussel farming in Prince Edward Island; wine tasting in the rich valleys of the Okanagan or experiencing  the technical complexities of cheese making in Québec. SaskChops

Thanks to SAPUTO, that dream is but an application away from reality (see below).  Of course, in true fashion of previous years, 2017 brings on an exciting venue of events and challenges hosted by chef members of the Niagara Region.  However, like all good things that come is glossy packages – there’s a catch!  An application form and some working objectives that tell our judging panel about who you are, what makes you tick, and a little video requirement demonstrating your skill sets.

Do not waste any time in preparing this opportunity – the outcomes are only as accessible as your drive for success.


2017 Applications are now available   Application Eng.   Application Fr.