Branch Mgr. Software



A fresh new look and upgrades now comes with the latest version (Branch Manager 14.3) with over 15 CCF Branches are now using this software.

Managing information and data is not an easy task, and when that information is collected, stored and transmitted in multiple software formats the job of gathering everything into one master depository can have its challenges. Branch Manager records, and maintains sync with the National Database so that each Branch and its membership have an up to date record.

With increasing use of the Internet and Branch administrators becoming more acquainted with software-based record keeping, it was just a matter of time before the Federation became involved in assisting Branches with record maintenance. A process of developing a single format and seamless method of moving information between the Branch and the National Office.

CCF Branch Management is the database engine that connects all membership records with the National Database. A series of functions composed from ideas and operating functions of a Branch Administrator. It’s simple to operate, highly functional and most importantly, it maintains a link with the National database and the Administrator. No more questions about who paid what and when?


Updates and new functions

  • A more detailed and functional invoicing to email process, regardless of whether you are using a Runtime Version or have purchased the full FileMaker software package
  • Runtime versions historically could only produce invoices for snail mail delivery due to the non support of PDF documents. Now we have developed an ASCII version that delivers an excellent invoice by email
  • Single invoice delivery from the main member record
  • Auto detects members with no email and auto prints for snail mail delivery
  • Submission of membership dues has vastly improved with the use of a Branch Setup area linking membership dues rates and provincial HST/GST rates
  • No more pre-calculation of taxes – simply put in the rates as are presently in place
  • Cross platform capability with Mac together with PDF invoicing support for Runtime Versions
  • When installed, you can check for updates
  • 2 versions available – Runtime for non FileMaker run systems and Full version for systems with FileMaker versions 9-11 installed


Branch Configuration


Branch Setup – wants to know a little about who’s who at the local level and some simple questions answered about invoicing your membership. This information supplies all the necessary details for the program to generate the reporting and invoice functions, and keep the national office informed. The national office in turn uses the data to update Branch information on the website and inform other Branches of specific contact information.


Membership Data


Maintaining proper records about your members is equally as important as the member’s right to be recognized. Recording address changes, employment and email addresses, etc., are equally shared between the national office and the Branch by a simple click of a mouse. The secret of course, is committing to making the changes as the member presents them to a Branch official, or actively reaching out to members on a regular basis to inquire of changes to their membership record.


Generate a Report


This section provides all the reporting functions you will need and a few extras for good measure. Features include invoicing membership for subsequent years after their initiation. NEW! Annual dues submissions, administered and report generated by a series of easy to understand functions. Four Avery label formats for envelope and small packages. Detailed reporting functions and membership application forms and a host of other reporting functions.


Download the Software Now – Runtime Version

The program is available to all registered CCFCC Branches at no charge and includes (by separate request) a detailed data file of any and all member records ever associated with your Branch (excluding deceased).

Please note – because the software is bundled as a self extracting “EXE” your anti-virus software will no doubt treat the download as a threat. We recommend that you use the option to “Download or Run Anyway”. Initiate the RUN command when download for auto installation.


Download the Mac Version

This file is specific to Branches who own and have installed FileMaker versions 9 – 11. for Mac. We suggest you create a working folder in your Documents area, unzip the file and move the file BranchManager.fp7 into that folder and run file.


FileMaker PC

This file is specific to Branches who own and have installed FileMaker versions 9 – 11. for PC. The installer will auto-create a working folder in your Program Files area; install the required files and automatically open the program.

The database program comes with no records or membership data. To receive a complete file of your Branch membership records, simply make a request to the National Administrator.


Special Instructions to New Users or Upgrading from Previous Version

Contact the National Administrator for a detailed training session that includes telephone and TeamViewer live support on your PC or Mac.