Branch Locator

Membership in the Canadian Culinary Federation is administered at the Branch level so when deciding where to initiate your membership, simply click on the Google Map marker nearest to your work area or home and you will be presented with appropriate information to communicate with the Branch. Alternatively, you may scroll down the page to show more detailed elements of the Branch.

Become a member and gain access to specialized events, educational development and networking opportunities with many professional chefs and industry associates. Membership in the CCF and its benefits is directly relational and balanced between what you desire to accomplish and what you intend to share with others. See membership application and benefits.


Eastern Region

Eastern VP – Donald Busch Dubay



CCFCC St. John’s, NL (NFD)

President John J. Scurrey 709-740-5440
Secretary Bernie- Ann Ezekiel 709-242-0336
Treasurer John Scurrey 709-740-5440

CCFCC Prince Edward Island, PEI (PEI)

President Irwin G. MacKinnon 902-629-0060
Secretary Mike Eyolfson 902-368-1547
Treasurer Hans Anderegg 902-894-9716

CCFCC Halifax, NS (HFX)

President Claude J. Aucoin, CCC 902-491-3579
Secretary Heather-Mae Zinck 902-433-0261
Treasurer Bob Dowden 902-443-0940

CCFCC Moncton, NB (MCT)

President Darren Dorcas 506-738-9660
Secretary Dave Irvin 506-738-9660
Treasurer Duncan Hutchinson 506-672-3339

CCFCC Montréal, QC (MTL)

President Samuel Sirois 514-651-7980
Secretary Bilodeau Dominic 514-292-4967
Treasurer Luc Boissy 438-494-7776

CCFCC Outaouais, QC (OUT)

President Ritesh Purran 819-743-3680
Treasurer Robert Corneau 819-319-2042


Franklin-DavidCentral Region

Central VP  –  David Franklin




CCFCC London (LDN)

President David G. Taylor 226-700-1659
Secretary David Taylor
Treasurer David Taylor

CCFCC Muskoka (MSK)

President Marcia Budd 705-726-2138
Secretary Melanie Robinson 705-833-1827
Treasurer Danilo Carpino 705-329-8119

CCFCC Oakville, ON (OAK)

President Christopher C. Moreland 416-579-5805
Secretary David W. Franklin
Treasurer Carmelo Vadacchino 416-707-1975

CCFCC Ottawa, ON (OTT)

President Claude Leblond 613-28-4217
Secretary Linda Robbins
Treasurer Percy Belford

CCFCC Toronto, ON (TOR)

President Shonah Chalmers CCC

CCFCC Windsor (WDR)

President Ronald Hart 519-258-6950
Secretary Michael Delmore 519-969-0046
Treasurer Micahel Delmore



Western Region

Western VP  – Anthony J. McCarthy, CCC




CCFCC Brandon, MB (BRN)

President William D. May 204-729-3918
Secretary Glenn Woydon 204-720-6626
Treasurer Stephen Mitchell 204-729-3918

CCFCC Calgary, AB (CAL)

President Frederick Malley, CCC 403-239-7043
Secretary Derek Dale, CCC 403-293-2842
Treasurer Dean Mitchell, RSE 403-850-5008

CCFCC Edmonton, AB (EDM)

President Stanley Townsend 780-459-5937
Secretary Simon Smotkowicz 780-410-1204
Treasurer David Edmonson
Administrator Branch Administrator 

CCFCC North Vancouver Island, BC (NVI)

President Lesley Stav 250 897-3134
Secretary Cory Wheeler 250-830-0699
Treasurer Gaetane Palardy 250 890-9312

CCFCC Lethbridge, AB (LBR)

President Debbie Clauss 403-952-5434
Secretary Kristy Olsen 403-393-9306
Treasurer Kyle Schierenberg 403-977-8673

CCFCC Okanagan, BC (OKA)

President Jeremy G. Luypen 250-306-1512
Secretary Shea Monteith 778-214-0785
Treasurer Shea Monteith 778-214-0785
Membership Dir. Jenifer Lamb

CCFCC Regina, SK (REG)

President Trent L. Brears
Secretary Kelsey Sheppard
Treasurer Ken Kukurudz

CCFCC Saskatoon, SK (SKN)

President Trevor N. Robertson, CCC  306-667-2366
Secretary Noelle/ Doug Mark
Treasurer Darlene Maryniuk  306-291-5801

CCFCC Vancouver (BC Chefs’ Association), BC (VAN)

President Jeffery T. Young 778-386-4493
Secretary Paul Ho 604-322-5345
Treasurer Froilan Alejo 604-897-6091

CCFCC Victoria, BC (VIC)

President Mark B. Davie 250-472-2246
Secretary Ray Baxter 250-514-9368
Treasurer Jeffrey Brothers 250-590-6659

CCFCC Winnipeg, MB (WPG)

President Paul Lemire 204-667-4647
Secretary Perry Favoni
Treasurer Karl Oman 204-253-3838