Application (24 Hr Response)

Special event insurance is provided to all CCF Branches who facilitate and manage events directly under the auspices of their governing board, and are entitled to insurance coverage, provided and paid for by the Canadian Culinary Federation. As it the normal prerequisite of private and municipal properties, you will more than likely have to provide proof of coverage in the event of a peril caused directly or indirectly by persons associated with the event you are hosting.

Coverage available is limited to the following elements:

  • Commercial General Liability up to $2 million per occurrence
  • General aggregate limit of $5 million
  • Personal and Advertising injury to $2 million
  • Cross Liability for Tenants to $100,000 any one premise
  • Medical expense limit of $10,000
  • Non owned automobile liability to $2 million inc. limited bodily injury and property damage

In order for you to receive these benefits, you are required to prepare an application (below) to which end you will receive by return email a PDF Certificate of Insurance.

Please make sure that you complete everything properly or you may be faced with additional communications to correct same. It is also recommended that only a Branch Board Member complete the application in their name. Multiple events require separate applications.