President’s Blog 2012-11-10

October 30th, 2014

Okay, first of all, apologies for not updating this blog. I know that you all love to hear my ramblings…!

The CCFCC is coming off a successful showing at the World Culinary Olympics in Germany. I want to congratulate everyone who participated – you were all ambassadors of the CCFCC and of Canada. Many people came up to me to remark on how enthusiastic and professional the Canadians were.

The board members have been busy with many projects. International Chef’s Day was celebrated across the country with various events. Planning for the 50th anniversary in 2013 of the CCFCC and the national convention has started. Look for a special commemorative 50th anniversary pin, designed by our National Administrator, Chef Roy Butterworth. Thank you, Roy, for your able administration and now for your design skills.

Speaking of national conventions, the Outaouais chapter of the CCFCC has confirmed that they will be hosting our 2014 conference. I’ve been working with a conference planner who will be helping with conference details.

Have you checked out the web site for special items that are for sale? The Culinary Team Canada’s cookbook, along with Creuset dishes, are for sale to help out our Bocuse d’Or competitor, Alex Chan. (They’d make great Christmas gifts!) Speaking of Alex, he has less than 100 days until the competition in Lyon. His training is intense and he’s up for the challenge. Go to the CCFCC web site to vote on the Canadian Bocuse d’Dor poster to show your support.

The CCFCC is working with our partners on a number of initiatives for our members. Details are still pending, but I’m excited about the progress we’re making and hope to announce the “deals” soon.

Remember that this is your association. Go to a branch meeting. Volunteer at an event where your participation will be greatly appreciated. Trust me when I say that being a part of this association isn’t a passive thing – by getting involved, we build a better federation. Join in and be present!

Also remember to send us your news, so that we can post the information on our web site and our Facebook group. It’s hard to fit everything in, but it’s fun and interesting to hear what’s going on around the country. I’ll try to be better about updating the blog, I promise.

As always, let me know if you have any comments or concerns.

Living the dream,