of Survey Participant Draw

Donone Inc. are pleased announced five randomly selected names of a recent product survey to which CCF Members provided the highest response rate to date of any survey presented.  Jamie Millette, Business Development Manager for Danone Inc. noted, "The information provided by the chef respondents provided invaluable information regarding product use and growth in various foodservice sectors".

Each winner will receive a finely crafted knife by FDick.  The winners are:

 Taylor Corbett, Bradford ON
Dawn Hand, Blackfalds, AB
Michael Botond, Surrey, BC
Mohamed Mujeeb, Dartmouth, NS
David Ropchan, Leamington, ON

Serbia in Need – World Chefs Without Borders unites to help

On May 14th, Serbia and the Balkan region were affected by huge floods due to a massive amount of rain that was poring down for a few days before the natural catastrophe. This was one of the biggest natural disasters in Serbian history, which made over 35,000 people become homeless and without any basic necessities for every day life, taking away everything they have built so far.
As a result, a great number of people have been evacuated from their homes and placed in temporary centers, where many volunteers and members of Red Cross are assisting in collecting and distributing food, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, to those in need, as well comforting them with words of hope and encouragement.
World Chefs Without Border is urging all Chef Associations and their community to come together and donate whatever they can to help and provide our friends in Serbia with food, water, shelter and other hygiene supplies.
Worldchefs are in contact and working with our local Chef Association to help the people in Serbia.

Chef Associations/Individuals can donate by clicking on the bottom button which will bring you to PayPal account or you can transfer money into the World Chefs Without Border account by using the below IBAN / SWIFT number.
Despite the great efforts that the Serbian Chefs Association and others in the region are making to help the affected population, it is time to unite and help with as much as we can!

To donate visit:  Donation Link

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Info Link 2


In a bid to connect more potential new members with CCF Branches we have introduced a friendlier access to membership. It's process is simple however, the key component is that the Branch has to be quick on the mark in connecting with the new member.

Thousands of people access this site to gather information regarding membership. Decisions are made based on how relative the resources are to one's career and response time.

Enter the on-line application form:

  • The guest evaluates the site

  • The guest is provided access to an application form

  • The completed form is automatically sent to the Branch of choice

  • The Branch is provided instructions to connect with the user

  • Welcome to a new member.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
Albert Einstein


or just like to do extend a compliment?

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Enacting New Bylaws

For many many of you that are not aware, there are new rules enacted by Parliament that require changes to the national bylaws, entitling us to continue as a Not for Profit Corporation.  The following links provide details of specific bylaws that are to be modified to the new Act. 

It should be noted that no bylaws will be changed so as to affect the intended outcomes - only some elements of context required to meet the new guidelines and or modernized interpretations and terminology.

Please view the attached on or before June 30 as your Branch Presidents will be presented with a voting  task to approve these based on your input or suggested changes.

CCFCC Bylaws 2014

CCI Bylaws 2014

Issue Jan. 2014

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